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Table 1 Chronic kidney disease by GFR and albuminuria stages (adapted from [16] and [61])

From: On the rationale of population screening for chronic kidney disease: a public health perspective

    Albuminuria stages (mg/g)
    A1: < 30 A2: 30–299 A3: >300
GFR stages (mL/min/1.73 m2) G1 ≥90 No CKD CKD G1-A2 CKD G1-A2
G2 60-89 No CKD CKD G2-A2 CKD G2-A3
G3a 45-59 CKD G3a-A1 CKD G3a-A2 CKD G3a-A3
G3b 30-44 CKD G3b-A1 CKD G3b-A2 CKD G3b-A3
G4 15-29 CKD G4a-A1 CKD G4a-A2 CKD G4a-A3
G5 <15 CKD G5a-A1 CKD G5a-A2 CKD G5a-A3
  1. GFR glomerular filtration rate, CKD chronic kidney disease