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Table 1 Main targets for intervention to prevent main NCDs, including CVD, to be achieved by 2025 as compared to baseline in 2010

From: Screening for cardiovascular disease risk and subsequent management in low and middle income countries: challenges and opportunities

Mortality and morbidity 1 25% reduction in mortality from CVD, cancer, diabetes, or chronic respiratory diseases
Behavioural risk factors 2 10% reduction in harmful use of alcohol
  3 10% reduction in the prevalence of insufficient physical activity
4 30% reduction in salt intake
5 30% reduction in the prevalence of smoking in adults
Biological risk factors 6 25% relative reduction in the prevalence of raised BP
  7 0% increase in the prevalence of diabetes and obesity
National systems response 8 At least 50% of eligible people receive drug therapy and counselling (including glycemic control) to prevent heart attacks and strokes
  9 At least 80% availability of affordable basic technologies and essential medicines for NCDs in both public and private facilities
  1. NCD noncommunicable diseases, CVD cardiovascular disease
  2. Adapted from WHO [5]