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Table 2 Characteristics of studies on the aggregate effect of structural adjustment programmes on maternal health

From: Structural adjustment programmes adversely affect vulnerable populations: a systematic-narrative review of their effect on child and maternal health

  Outcome measure IFI Study period Sampling Study setting Addresses selection bias Analysis Effect of structural adjustment
Coburn, Restivo and Shandra, 2015 Maternal mortality AfDB 1990–2005 5-yearly 31 African countries Yes Random-effects generalised least-squares regression Detrimental
Shandra, Shandra and London, 2015 Maternal mortality IMF 1990–2000 5-yearly 65 developing countries No Lagged dependent panel regression Detrimental
Pandolfelli, Shandra and Tyagi, 2014 Maternal mortality IMF 1990–2005 5-yearly 37 African countries Yes Random effects generalised least-squares regression Detrimental