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Table 4 Examples of additional FELTP-sponsored training activities, 2004–2016

From: Strengthening health systems in Africa: a case study of the Kenya field epidemiology training program for local frontline health workers

Start date Name Duration Current status Target group Credential
September 2004 FELTP 2 years Ongoing Doctors MSc in field epidemiology awarded by Moi University
Laboratory scientists
Public health officers
September 2006 Field epidemiology short course 3 months Ceased District medical officers Certificate of completion awarded by Ministry of Health
September 2011 Mepi 2 months Ended in 2015 5th-year medical students Certificate of completion awarded by the Ministry of Health
September 2014 Vepi 2 months Ended in 2015 4th-year veterinary students Certificate of completion awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries
  1. Mepi medical epidemiology training program (pre-service), Vepi veterinary epidemiology training program (pre-service), CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention