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Table 1 PMTCT cascade

From: The impact of programs for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV on health care services and systems in sub-Saharan Africa - A review

PMTCT CASCADE (focusing primarily on components 3 and 4, preventing transmission to infant and treating mother and infant)
Component Linked to  
1. Utilisation of antenatal care (ANC) ANC services All pregnant women
2. Receiving HIV pretest counselling ANC unit or voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) services
3. Acceptance of HIV test ANC/VCT services
4. Receiving HIV test results & post-test counselling ANC/VCT services
5. Get CD4 assessment ANC/VCT services HIV- positive Pregnant women
6. Use of ARV prophylaxis for mom and/or baby (for seropositive moms) ANC services/ARV programs
7. Adherence to ARVs during pregnancy ANC unit/ARV programs
8. Deliver with skilled attendant & Take ARVs Obstetric services
9. Follow safe infant feeding practices Child health services
10. Bring infant for HIV testing Child health or VCT services
11. Adhere to maternal/infant ARVs after birth Child health, obstetric or VCT services
12. Use postpartum family planning Obstetric services