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Table 1 Details of special interest group meetings, action research cycles, data collection strategies and response rates

From: A case study of the use of a special interest group to enhance interest in public health among undergraduate health science students

Cycle Meeting date Number of attendees Response rate Topic Tools used for data collection Facilitator
1 28/02 16 100% Introduction to the SIG Paper-based questionnaire reflections Researcher
2 23/03 10 N/A Feedback on questionnaires, way forward Researcher’s reflections Researcher
3 22/04 7 N/A Discussion on public health Researcher’s reflections Researcher Public Health Medicine consultant
4 03/05 7 N/A Outbreak scenario session 1 Researcher’s notes Guest speaker
5 10/05 5 44% Outbreak scenario session 2 Online questionnaire researcher’s reflections Guest speaker
6 19/07 8 N/A Planning for the PH seminar, discussion on relevant topics Researcher’s reflections Researcher
7 24/09 56 98% Seminar on Gender-Based Violence: An Approach to Forensic Evidence Paper-based questionnaire researcher’s notes reflections Foundation For Professional Development
  1. N/A not available