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Table 5 Primary care physician perspectives on uncertainty in mammography screening

From: Scrutinizing screening: a critical interpretive review of primary care provider perspectives on mammography decision-making with average-risk women

Tudiver 2002 • Over 65% of physicians found mammography screening guidelines conflicting.
Haggerty 2005 • About 30% of physicians found mammography screening guidelines unclear.
Meissner 2011 NAa
Smith 2012 NAa
Miller 2014 NAa
Kiyang 2015 NAa
DuBenske 2017 • Physicians are not always aware of all risk factors or using all risk factors in their discussions.
• Physicians identified ambiguity in the guidelines.
• Physicians reported less confidence in their ability to know or consider all risk factors for an individual’s risk calculation as well as difficulty making sense of ambiguous, contradictory or changing guidelines.
• One physician stated he did not feel adept to discuss screening.
Radhakrishnan 2017 NAa
Radhakrishnan 2018 • The difficulty of reconciling divergent organizational guidelines was strongly associated with recommending screening to women aged 45–49.
• Physicians who trusted the USPSTF guidelines the most had lower potential regret.
  1. aNA, not applicable