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Table 1 Initial search strategy used for scoping review

From: Screening for social determinants of health in clinical care: moving from the margins to the mainstream

(("social determinants of health"[mesh] OR social determinant*[ti]) OR ((violence[mesh] OR violence[ti] AND (health care[ti] OR health services[ti] OR health sector*[ti] OR healthcare[ti]))) OR ("Food Supply"[Mesh]) OR (food insecurit*[ti]) OR (poverty[mesh] OR poverty[ti]) OR (unemployment[mesh] OR unemploy*[ti]) OR (low income[ti]) OR (underemploy*[ti]) OR ("social isolation"[MeSH Terms]) OR (social exclusion[ti] OR social isolation[ti] OR socially isolated[ti] OR socially excluded[ti]) OR (support network*[ti] OR social support[ti] OR social network*[ti]) OR ("Social Environment"[Mesh]) OR ("housing"[MeSH Terms]) OR “homeless persons”[mesh] OR (homeless*[ti]) OR (hunger[ti]))


("mass screening"[mesh] OR screen*[ti] OR secondary prevention[mesh] OR (prevent*[ti] AND (service*[ti] OR care[ti] OR healthcare[ti])) OR social history taking[tw] OR preventive practice*[tw])


(practice guidelines as topic[mesh] OR practice guideline[publication type] OR guideline*[ti] OR systematic[sb] OR evidence informed[ti] OR evidence based[ti] OR recommendation*[ti] OR statement*[ti])