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Table 2 Summary of details of the reviewed publications

From: Participation in lung cancer screening programs: are there gender and social differences? A systematic review

Year of publication First author Type of screening Number of participants Study design Measure of social status Other variables
2002 Nakayama et al. CXR 536 Japan Case-control study No Age, smoking status
2002 Nawa et al. LDCT 7956 Japan Cohort study No No
2003 Ford et al. CXR 4705 USA Randomized controlled trial Education Race, age, smoking status
2006 Kamposioras et al. CXR 1099 Greece Cross-sectional study Occupation Age, smoking status, family history of lung cancer
2007 Blanchon et al. LDCT
765 France Randomized controlled trial No Age, smoking status
2009 Pegna et al. LDCT 3206 Italy Randomized controlled trial No No
2010 Aberele et al. LDCT
53,456 USA Randomized controlled trial Education Race, age, ethnicity, marital status, weight, smoking status
2010 Van der Aalst et al. LDCT 5161 The Netherlands, Belgium Randomized controlled trial Education Age, marital status
2011 Hestbech et al. LDCT 4101 Denmark Cross-sectional study Education, Occupation Geographical area, living alone, smoking status, employment status
2011 Kondo et al. LDCT
378 Japan Retrospective study No No
2011 Wildstein et al. LDCT 3387 USA Cohort study Education Age, ethnicity, family history
2012 Doria-Rose et al. LDCT
619 USA Cross-sectional study Education, family income Race, age, insurance status, unemployment, smoking status
2014 McRonald et al. LDCT 23,794 UK Randomized controlled trial Index of multiple deprivation (IMD) Age, smoking status
2014 Zakrzewska et al. LDCT 1619 Poland Cross-sectional study Income per household Age