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Table 3 Expatriate homesickness coping approaches (positive practices)

From: Global South expatriates, homesickness and adjustment approaches

Action Expectation
Approach 1: particularities of the social approach
Use of social networks
Integration with community or expatriate organisations
Increased contacts with friends & family at home
Use of the nuclear family
Cultural exploration and discovery
Psychological balance
Ability to rapidly make sense of host realities
‘Kill off’ the sense of missing home
Develop new meaningful routines
Approach 2: particularities of the Education approach
Coordinated assistance by employer
Pre-departure training, preparation
Returnee testimonies and input
Education attendance in host country
Reduced sense of dislocation
Preparedness of expatriate or migrant worker
Formulation of personal plan prior to departure
Approach 3: Particularities of the Personal effort
Drive to maintain contact at home
Willingness to build contacts with host country nationals
Self-directed cultural learning
Use of previous expatriate experience
Social tourism
Cultural immersion
Sense of self-worth
Development of temporary social networks
Cultural exploration and discovery