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Table 2 ED consumption patterns

From: Case report on energy drink consumption among Health Sciences University students in Gauteng Province, South Africa

 Emerging adult (n = 251)Adult (n = 239)Total population (N = 490)
Consume energy drinks
Number per typical sitting
 Three or more221 31
Number of times consumed in the past 7 days
 Every day223252
 4–5 times a week151120133512
 2–3 times a week107117217
 Once a week65139197
 Depends on the need101751046920572
Brands of ED consumed*
 Red Bull (80 mg caffeine/can)392944298329
 Dragon (180 mg caffeine/can)392940267928
 Reboost Power Play (80 mg caffeine /can)322435236724
 Monster (80 mg caffeine/can)221634235620
 Vitamin Water (2.5 mg/100 ml)141022153613
  1. *Some students were consuming up to seven different types of EDs