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Table 3 Participants self-reported reasons for ED use

From: Case report on energy drink consumption among Health Sciences University students in Gauteng Province, South Africa

 Emerging adult (n = 251)Adult (n = 239)Total population (N = 490)
Reason for ED consumption#Frequency%Frequency%Frequency%
To stay awake7731763215331
Helps to concentrate during study371537157415
To be more alert5266287114
To compensate for insufficient sleep22934145611
It gives long-lasting energy all day241031135511
Like the taste22930135211
It quenches thirst177219388
It makes the user feel refreshed187167347
Helps with better performance in the exam83198276
It gives an instant energy rush14694235
It replenishes electrolytes after exercise83146224
To enable a person to enjoy an all-night party4283122
Makes user feel healthy524292
To feel better after a hangover314271
  1. #Students could respond to all reasons applicable to them