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Table 5 Reasons, feelings, and risky behavior after consuming AmED (N = 50)

From: Case report on energy drink consumption among Health Sciences University students in Gauteng Province, South Africa

Reasons for mixing EDs with alcohol
 To stay awake1326
 User feel less tired1020
 To hide the flavour of alcohol1020
 User like the taste of AmED1020
 User can drink more and don’t feel so drunk816
 User need more energy in general714
 The mix can treat or cure a hangover510
 User enjoy the effects of the mix48
 Other reason/s36
Feeling after consuming AmEDs
 Was full of energy1632
 There was no difference714
 Had trouble sleeping/insomnia510
 Had stomach pain/stomach irritation24
 Heartbeat was irregular/racing heart24
 Had to seek medical help24
Unprotected sex after consuming AmED
 Can’t remember36
Use drugs for recreational purposes