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Table 3 Meta-regression for the included studies to identify source of heterogeneity for the prevalence of food insecurity among female-headed rural households in Ethiopia from 2007 up to 2017

From: The impact of being of the female gender for household head on the prevalence of food insecurity in Ethiopia: a systematic-review and meta-analysis

VariablesCharacteristicsCoefficientsp value
YearPublication year− 01065130.501
SampleSample size1.549880.782
ArticleUn-published article− 14.33610.640
RegionAmhara regionReferenceReference
Oromia− 17.280040.694
Tigray− 34.762560.425
Sampling techniqueCensus survey− 22.951670.470
Measurement toolHFIAS15.071320.674
Development goalsSDGs5.1266780.574