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Table 2 Knowledge of obstetric danger signs among mothers attending postnatal clinic at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Bahir Dar, northwest Ethiopia, 2015

From: Knowledge of obstetric danger signs and associated factors among mothers in Bahir Dar district, northwest Ethiopia: an institution-based cross-sectional study

Obstetric danger signsProportion of mentioned danger signs
 Yes (%)No (%)
Vaginal bleeding328(80.0)82(20.0)
Severe headache273(66.6)137(33.4)
Loss of consciousness286(69.8)124(30.2)
Severe abdominal pain253(61.7)157(38.3)
Blurred vision196(47.8)214(52.2)
Increased/decreased fetal movement302(73.7)108(26.3)
Difficulty in breathing189(46.1)221(53.9)
Excessive vomiting201(49.1)209(50.9)
Preterm labor (onset of labor before 37 weeks of gestation)284(69.3)126(30.7)
Premature rupture of membrane/water breaks without labor308(75.1)102(24.9)
Prolonged labor(lasting > 12 h)312(76.1)98(23.9)
Retained placenta287(70.0)123(30.0)
Offensive vaginal discharge197(48.0)213(52.0)
High fever214(52.2)196(47.8)
Swollen hands/feet73(17.8)337(82.2)
Severe weakness108(26.3)302(73.7)