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Table 2 Summary of technical information about the included studies

From: Utilisation of medical rehabilitation services by persons of working age with a migrant background, in comparison to non-migrants: a scoping review

No.AuthorsLinked SourcePublication TypeStudy designMethods
   Conference abstractOriginal research paperReportOther (e.g. Book Chapter, documentation)Cross-sectionalLongitudinalSurveyEvaluation (Pre-Post)CohortQualitativePrimary dataSecondary datadata analysis methodsaFocus groupsStructured interviewsSemi-structured interviewsExpert interviews
1..Aksakal et al. 2018 [27]bx    x x xx i,d,c x x
2.Brause et al. 2010 [28][29, 30]  x x    x xd,i,cx xx
3.Brzoska et al. 2019 [31][32] x  xxx x  xi,d    
4.Brzoska et al. 2019 [33]  x   xx x xxi,d    
5.Brzoska et al. 2017 [34]  x  x x    xi,d    
6.Brzoska et al. 2016 [35]  x  x x    xi,d    
7.Brzoska et al. 2012 [36][13] x  x      xi,d    
8.Brzoska et al. 2010 [13][15, 37, 21, 38,39,40, 20]  x xxx  x x*d,i,cxxxx
9.Erbstößer/ Zollmann 2015 [41]  x  x      xd    
10.Göbber et al. 2010 [42][43] x  x x   x d,i    
11.Gruner et al. 2012 [44]  x   x  x x d,i    
12.Höhne 2007a [45]    xx      xd    
13.Höhne / Schubert 2007b [46]    xx      xd,i    
14.Höhne et al. 2007c [47] x   x      xd,i    
15.Jankowiak et al. 2018 [48] x    x     xd,i    
16.Kaluscha et al. 2011 [49] x    x  x  xi    
17.Kessemaier et al. 2019 [50]  x  x      xd,i    
18.MHH/ EMZ e.V. 2017 [51][52, 53, 19]  x  x x xx d,i,cxx x
19.Kohler/ Ziese 2004 [54]   x x x   x d    
20.Maier 2008 [55]  x   x     xd    
21.Pfeiffer et al. 2010 [43][42]   xx x   x d    
22.Ritter et al. 2017 [56]  x  x x    xd,i    
23.Schröder et al. 2020 [57]  x   x  x x d,i    
24.Yilmaz-Aslan et al. 2017 [58][59]x   x    x  cx x 
25.Zollmann et al. 2016 [60]  x  x      xd    
  1. ad descriptive analysis, i inductive analysis, c content analysis
  2. bPersonal Communication with Aksakal and Yilmaz-Aslan (March 2020)