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Table 1 Search criteria

From: The effect of behavioural interventions targeting hand hygiene practices among nurses in high-income hospital settings: a systematic review

  Inclusion Exclusion
Date of publication 1 January 2002–22 October 2019 Before 1 January 2002
After October 2019
Location or context Hospitals (e.g. ICU, medical wards, surgical units, inpatient units, entire facility) in high-income countries All other settings; low-/middle-income countries
Intervention Various forms of HH interventions  
Outcome Measurements of observed improvement in HHC Studies that do not measure improvement in HHC
Study design Experimental: randomized-controlled trial (RCT) and non-RCT
Experimental or quasi-experimental: pre-and-post intervention design with a control group; pre- and-post intervention design without a control group
Any other publications (e.g. outbreak reports, editorials)
Target population Nursing staff; nursing student Any other HCW