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Table 3 Overall opinion of students about the module and, more specifically, clerkship, and seminars

From: Merging academy and healthcare in the Public Health training of medical students

[it] opened my horizons and allowed me to see Medicine with a widened perspective, contributing to, more the development as a future [health] professional, to my personal development, as it gave me critical sense regarding Health of the community I’m part of. (Student 6)
this clerkship allowed me to contact directly with the daily life of a Public Health Unit, understanding what are its competences and specific functions which, in the future, even if I don’t specialize in Public Health, will be important do know when necessary to act. (Student 7)
I found the clerkship quite interesting and with possible impact on the choice of the medical specialty of some medical students. (Student 8)
A positive note can be given to the first day of seminars in ISPUP, as concepts previously learnt were reviewed, as they are essential to go to the fieldwork, as well as to draw clear objectives and have a clear perspective on the Public Health clerkship. (Student 9)
Though, I think that the time spent in this day was excessive. This limited the capacity to follow the focus of the presentations, not allowing us to have, by the end of the day, a clear view on the main ideas. (Student 10)