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Table 2 Summary of articles in this review

From: Improving maternal health services through social accountability interventions in Nepal: an analytical review of existing literature

SN Author(s) Title Year of publication Study design Indicator(s) included
1 Tunçalp Ӧ, Were W, MacLennan C, Oladapo O, Gülmezoglu A, Bahl R, et al. Quality of care for pregnant women and newborns – the WHO vision 2015 Commentary WHO quality of care framework
2 Hulton L, Matthews Z, Bandali S, Izge A, Daroda R, Stones W Accountability for quality of care: Monitoring all aspects of quality across a framework adapted for action 2016 Analytical review Elements of WHO’s quality of care framework
3 Lodenstein E, Dieleman M, Gerretsen B, Broerse JE Health provider responsiveness to social accountability initiatives in low- and middle-income countries: a realist review 2017 Realist review Mechanism of social accountability initiatives
4 Mafuta EM, Dieleman MA, Hogema LM, Khomba PN, Zioko FM, Kayembe PK, et al. Social accountability for maternal health services in Muanda and Bolenge Health Zones, Democratic Republic of Congo: a situation analysis 2015 Exploratory study Existing mechanisms regarding social accountability in maternal health services
5 Lodenstein E, Dieleman M, Gerretsen B, Broerse JE. A realist synthesis of the effect of social accountability interventions on health service providers’ and policymakers’ responsiveness 2013 Systematic review Elements of social accountability initiatives
6 van den Broek N, Graham W. Quality of care for maternal and newborn health: the neglected agenda 2009 Commentary Maternal Perinatal Death Reviews
Criterion-based audit
7 Bandali S, Thomas C, Hukin E, Matthews Z, Mathai M, Ramachandran Dilip T, et al. Maternal Death Surveillance and Response Systems in driving accountability and influencing change 2016 Review Maternal mortality
8 Biswas A, Rahman F, Halim A, Eriksson C, Dalal K Maternal and Neonatal Death Review (MNDR): A Useful Approach to Identifying Appropriate and Effective Maternal and Neonatal Health Initiatives in Bangladesh 2014 Quantitative and qualitative Accountability in maternal and neonatal health
9 Gullo S, Galavotti C, Sebert Kuhlmann A, Msiska T, Hastings P, Marti CN. Effects of a social accountability approach, CARE’s Community Score Card, on reproductive health-related outcomes in Malawi: A cluster-randomized controlled evaluation 2017 Cluster-randomized controlled evaluation Service utilization
Perceived service quality
Health behaviour
Supportive care outcomes
10 Hamal M, Heiter K, Schoenmakers L, Smid M, de Cock Buning T, De Brouwere V, et al. Social Accountability in maternal health services in the far-western development region in Nepal: An exploratory study 2019 Exploratory Study Governance
Maternal health services
11 Gurung G, Gauld R, Hill PC, Derrett S. Citizen’s Charter in a primary health-care setting of Nepal: An accountability tool or a “mere wall poster”? 2018 Case Study: a quantitative survey Health governance
12 Atela M, Bakibinga P, Ettarh R, Kyobutungi C, Cohn S. Strengthening health system governance using health facility service charters: a mixed methods assessment of community experiences and perceptions in a district in Kenya 2015 Mixed method study Health governance
13 Gurung G, Derrett S, Gauld R, Hill PC. Why service users do not complain or have ‘voice’: a mixed-methods study from Nepal’s rural primary health care system 2017 Mixed method study Voice mechanism
14 Oostdam S, Hamal M, Dieleman M, De Brouwere V, Bardají A, Tiwari DP, et al. Social accountability in maternal health services in Baglung district, Nepal: a qualitative study 2018 Qualitative study Voice mechanism
15 Shakya HS, Adhikari S, Gurung G, Pant S, Aryal S, Singh AB, et al. Strengthening national health systems for improving efficiency of health service delivery in Nepal 2012 Literature review Health governance in maternal and child health services
16 Khatri RB, Mishra SR, Khanal V. Female Community Health Volunteers in Community-Based Health Programs of Nepal: Future Perspective 2017 Perspective Community engagement
17 Hamal M, Dieleman M, De Brouwere V, de Cock Buning T. How do accountability problems lead to maternal health inequities? A review of qualitative literature from Indian public sector 2018 Scoping review Health governance in maternal health services
18 Manandhar D, Osrin D, Shrestha B, Mesko N, Morrison J, Tumabhangphe K, et al. Effect of a participatory intervention with women’s group on birth outcomes in Nepal: cluster randomized controlled trial 2004 Cluster-randomized controlled trail Women's participation
Maternal mortality
Neonatal mortality
Quality of Care
19 Prost A, Colbourn T, Seward N, Azad K, Coomarasamy A, Copas A, et al. Women’s groups practising participatory learning and action to improve maternal and newborn health in low-resource settings: a systematic review and meta-analysis 2013 Meta-analysis Women's participation
Maternal mortality
Neonatal mortality
Quality of Care
20 Rifkin SB. Examining the links between community participation and health outcomes: a review of the literature 2014 Literature review Community participation
21 Paudel NR. Inclusive Governance: A Case Study of Civil Service in Nepal 2016 Exploratory Study Governance
22 Gurung G, Derrett S, Hill PC, Gauld R. Nepal’s Health Facility Operation and Management Committees: exploring community participation and influence in the Dang district’s primary care clinics 2018 Qualitative study Community participation
Community oversight
Health governance
23 McCoy DC, Hall JA, Ridge M. A systematic review of the literature for evidence on health facility committees in low- and middle-income countries 2012 Systematic review Health governance
Contextual factors
24 Gurung G, Derrett S, Hill PC, Gauld R. Governance challenges in the Nepalese primary health care system: time to focus on greater community engagement? 2016 View point Health governance
Community engagement
25 Mafuta EM, De Cock Buning T, Lolobi DL, Mayala PM, Mambu TNM, Kayembe PK, et al. Factors influencing the capacity of women to voice their concerns about maternal health services in the Muanda and Bolenge Health Zones, Democratic Republic of the Congo: a multi-method study 2018 Mixed method study Voice mechanism
Health service responsiveness
Quality of Care
Maternal mortality
Contextual factors
26 Hulton L, Matthews Z, Martin-Hilber A, Adanu R, Ferla C, Getachew A, et al. Using evidence to drive action: A “revolution in accountability” to implement quality care for better maternal and newborn health in Africa 2014 Analytical review Quality of Care