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Call for papers: ongoing thematic series in Public Health Reviews

  • Vaccinology and infectious diseases

    Vaccinology and infectious diseases © Heather Hazzan, SELF MagazineVaccines continue to be one of the miracles of public health. They have saved millions of lives, and have eradicated smallpox, with the eradication of polio and other deadly diseases on the horizon. This collection is interested in review articles addressing issues of vaccinology and infectious disease interventions that can help improve the health of populations.

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  • Developments in global tobacco and alcohol policy

    © exclusive-design / stock.adobe.comThis cross-journal collection aims to bring together a selection of the latest research and developments surrounding global alcohol and tobacco policy. We are particularly interested in papers that focus on global governance of alcohol and tobacco and global influences on the diffusion of alcohol and tobacco commodities.

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  • Maternal and child health in the sustainable development goal era

    The decline in maternal deaths greatly missed the mark of the Millennium Development Goals and if present trends continue, 4.4 million children younger than 5 years will still die in 2030. This collection addresses the issues of maternal and neonatal mortality and interventions that can help reduce this severe burden on many societies.

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  • Contemporary issues in screening

    Contemporary issues in screening © Kurhan / FotoliaScreening is a key tool in the field of prevention e.g. looking for early signs of disease where intervention makes a difference in outcome. This collection provides an overview of areas where screening is now, and will in the future be considered as essential elements of preventive care both for individuals and populations. 

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