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Table 1 Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache sessions of the Family Listening/Circle Program

From: The piloting of a culturally centered American Indian family prevention program: a CBPR partnership between Mescalero Apache and the University of New Mexico

Sessions Navajo curriculum Pueblo curriculum Mescalero Apache curriculum
1 Welcoming Welcoming Welcoming
2 My family Family dinner Apache history (part I)
3 Navajo history Pueblo history Apache history (part II)
4 Navajo way of life Pueblo way of life My family
5 Our Navajo vision Our Pueblo vision Apache way of life
6 Community challenges Community challenges Apache vision
7 Community and help seeking Communication and help seeking Community challenges
8 Recognizing types of anger Recognizing types of anger Communication, help seeking, and problem solving
9 Managing anger Anger management Recognizing types of anger and managing anger
10 Problem solving Problem solving Being different and positive relationships
11 Being different Being different Building social support
12 Positive relationships Positive relationships Making a commitment and community project presentations
13 Building social support Building social support  
14 Making a commitment and CAP presentations Making a commitment and CAP presentations