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Thematic series
Vaccinology and infectious diseases
Edited by Jocelyn Raude

Cross-journal thematic series
Developments in global tobacco and alcohol policy

Thematic series
New public health workforce training

Thematic series
Maternal and child health in the sustainable
development goal era

Edited by Fred Paccaud, Ted Tulchinsky, Christina Zarowsky

Thematic series
Contemporary issues in screening
Edited by Fred Paccaud and Gillian Bartlett

Thematic series
Human rights in patient care
Edited by Tamar Ezer and Judy Overall

Thematic series
Aboriginal Health
Edited by Theodore Tulchinsky and Michael Moore

Thematic series
Minority and migrant health
Edited by Theodore Tulchinsky, Henrique Barros, Bent Greve and Walter Ricciardi


Thematic series
Climate change and health: Proceedings from the COP21 “Healthy Lives on a Healthy Planet” 2015 Event in Paris
Edited by Antoine Flahault, Anneliese Depoux and Corinne Kowalski


Thematic series
Public health ethics training in the European region
Edited by Miguel Ángel Royo-Bordonada


Thematic series
Towards a Healthier 2020
Edited by Antoine Flahault and José Martín-Moreno

Thematic series
Substance Use and Misuse
Edited by Ilana Crome and A. Thomas McLellan


Thematic series
Ethics in Public Health
Edited by Carmen Aceijas, Jonathan Fielding, Richard Massé, and Theodore Tulchinsky

Thematic series
Mental Health as a Public Health Issue
Edited by Irena Gryga, Viviane Kovess-Masfety, Itzhak Levav, Soumitra Pathare, Ezra Susser and Theodore Tulchinsky


Thematic series
Public Health Education
Edited by Martin McKee and Theodore Tulchinsky

Thematic series
Cardiovascular Disease
Edited by Moïse Desvarieux and Fred Paccaud


Thematic series
The New Public Health
Edited by Helen Ann Halpin and Theodore Tulchinsky

Thematic series
Aging Societies
Edited by Moïse Desvarieux, Linda P. Fried and Fred Paccaudd