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Table 3 Recommendations for cervical cancer screening, in order of overall healthcare spending

From: Cancer screening recommendations: an international comparison of high income countries

  1. Type of organization: A national guideline committee, B cancer society, C specialty society, D other
  2. Start and stop age coding: wavy border—not specified
  3. Most guidelines recommend that screening cease between ages 65 and 70 years in women with consistently normal screening in the previous decade. Screening is not recommended for women who have had a hysterectomy for benign disease
  4. 1USA: screening age of 21–65 years for cytology and 30–65 years for cytology and HPV testing
  5. 2Switzerland: start and stop ages are not recommended
  6. 3Norway: screening age of and 25–69 years for cytology and 34–69 years for HPV testing
  7. 4Netherlands: screening age of 30–60 years
  8. 5Germany: stop age is not recommended
  9. 6Sweden: screening age of 23–29 years for cytology and 30–64 years for HPV testing
  10. 7Ireland: screening age of 25–61 years
  11. 8Austria: stop age is not recommended
  12. 9Denmark: screening age of 23–59 years for cytology and 60–64 years for HPV testing
  13. 10Belgium: screening age of 25–65 years for cytology
  14. 11Australia: screening age of 18–69 years for cytology (current recommendation) and 25–75 years for HPV testing (will implement from December 2017)
  15. 12France: screening age of 25–65 years
  16. 13Japan: stop age and screening interval are not recommended
  17. 14Iceland: screening age of 23–65 years
  18. 15UK: screening age of 25–64 years
  19. 16Finland: screening age of 30–60 years
  20. 17New Zealand: screening age of 20–70 years
  21. 18Italy: screening age of 25–64 years (some programs have moved into 25–30/35 years with cytology and 30/35–64 years with HPV testing)
  22. 19Spain: screening age of 25–65 years
  23. Abbreviations: USPSTF United States Preventive Services Task Force, NIPHE National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, CTFPHC Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care, NA not applicable (cannot find information), Cyt. cytology, Cyt + HPV cytology plus HPV co-testing
  24. +Date website with recommendation last updated