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Table 7 List of studies included

From: How do accountability problems lead to maternal health inequities? A review of qualitative literature from Indian public sector

Author(s) Title Study objective/focus Study year Study area(s) Source(s)
Bhattacharyya et al., 2015 ‘Neither we are satisfied nor they’- users and provider’s perspective: a qualitative study of maternity care in secondary level public health facilities, Uttar Pradesh, India. Perception of care on provision (factors) of quality maternity care in public health facilities 2014 Uttar Pradesh Reference check
Chaturvedi et al., 2015 Does the Janani Suraksha Yojana cash transfer programme to promote facility births in India ensure skilled birth attendance? A qualitative study of intrapartum care in Madhya Pradesh. Factors influencing skilled attendance at birth 2012 Madhya Pradesh—3 districts Reference check
Dikid et al., 2013 Maternal and perinatal death inquiry and response project implementation review in India. Implementation of MDR, including overview of delays and causes of maternal deaths 2009 Bihar, Rajasthan, and Odisha PubMed
George A, 2007 Persistence of high maternal mortality in Koppal District, Karnataka, India: observed service delivery constraints. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2004 Karnataka—Koppal district ScienceDirect
Human Rights Watch (HRW), 2009 No tally of the anguish: accountability in maternal health care in India. Factors influencing maternal health-care utilization 2008–2009 Uttar Pradesh Reference check
Iyengar et al., 2009 Pregnancy related deaths in rural Rajasthan, India: exploring causes, context, and care-seeking through verbal autopsy. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2002–2003 Rajasthan—a block Reference check
Jat et al., 2015 Socio-cultural and service delivery dimensions of maternal mortality in rural central India: a qualitative exploration using a human rights lens. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2011 Madhya Pradesh—Khargone district PubMed
Jeffery P & Jeffery R, 2010 Only when the boat has started sinking: a maternal death in rural north India. Factors affecting maternal health 2002–2005 Uttar Pradesh—Muslim village in rural Bijnor district PubMed and ScienceDirect
Jihesh V & Sundari Ravindran TK, 2015 Social and health system factors contributing to maternal deaths in a less developed district of Kerala, India. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2010–2011 Kerala—Wayanad district ScienceDirect
Jose et al., 2014 Utilization of maternal health-care services by tribal women in Kerala. Factors affecting utilization of maternal health-care services 2009–2010 Kerala—Wayanad district PubMed
Kaur J, 2012 The role of litigation in ensuring women’s reproductive rights: an analysis of the Shanti Devi judgement in India. Factors contributing to maternal death; gaps in health system 2010 Haryana PubMed and ScienceDirect
Khan N & Pradhan MR, 2013 Identifying factors associated with maternal deaths in Jharkhand, India: a verbal autopsy study. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2006–2007 Jharkhand—5 districts Reference check
Mahapatro M, 2015 Equity in utilization of health care services: perspective of pregnant women in southern Odisha, India. Factors affecting utilization of maternal health-care services 2011–2012 Odisha—Gajam district PubMed
Raj et al., 2015 Emergency referral transport for maternal complication: lessons from the community based maternal death audits in Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh, India. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2009–2010 Uttar Pradesh—Unnao district Reference check
Sanneving et al., 2013 Health system capacity: maternal health policy implementation in the state of Gujarat, India. Process of implementing maternal health policies at sub-national level 2009–2010 Gujarat Reference check
Singh et al., 2015 Community based maternal death review: lessons learned from ten districts in Andhra Pradesh, India. Implementation of MDR, including overview of delays and causes of maternal deaths 2011 Andhra Pradesh—10 districts PubMed
Smith, SL, 2014 Political contexts and maternal health policy: insights from a comparison of south Indian states. Sources of variation in maternal health policy and implementation at sub-national level 2006–2007 Tamil Nadu and Karnataka ScienceDirect
Subha Sri B & Khanna R, 2014 Dead women talking: a civil society report on maternal deaths in India. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2012–2013 10 states—Assam, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Chhattisgarh Reference check
Subha Sri et al., 2012 An investigation of maternal deaths following public protests in a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, central India. Factors contributing to maternal deaths 2010 Madhya Pradesh—Barwani district ScienceDirect
Sudhinaraset et al., 2016 Decision-making for delivery location and quality of care among slum-dwellers: a qualitative study in Uttar Pradesh, India. Factors influencing women’s decision to seek maternal health and quality of care received 2014 Uttar Pradesh—urban slums of Lucknow Reference check
Vellakkal et al., 2017 A qualitative study of factors impacting accessing of institutional delivery care in the context of India’s cash incentive program. Factors influencing access to JSY and institutional delivery 2013 Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh ScienceDirect