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Table 2 Student evaluation of course on leadership: results of Kruskal-Wallis comparing results at different locations

From: Is blended learning and problem-based learning course design suited to develop future public health leaders? An explorative European study

Evaluation items H p
The organization of the blocka 3.64 .16
The instructiveness of the blocka 2.43 .31
The link of the block with their prior knowledgea 0.79 .69
The productivity of the tutorial groupa 9.09 .0052
The link between the block and the assessmenta 3.74 .16
The objectives of the course were clearb 4.74 .08
The literature fitted to the objectives of the courseb 6.55 .03
I can apply what I have learned in my daily workb 2.88 .23
The e-lectures were instructiveb 7.35 .02
The tasks in the course handbook were instructiveb 6.27 .04
There were problems in collaboration because of differences in cultural backgroundb 5.28 .07
There were difficulties because different universities were involvedb 5.18 .07
Difficulty of the block contentsb 1.46 .62
Scale “global rating of course and instructor quality”b 9.71 .0031
  1. aGrades given on a 10-point scale
  2. b5-point Likert scale