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Table 3 Curriculum of preventive medicine discipline in 1984 [25]

From: History and status quo of higher public health education in China

Semester Course Note
First Health organization To understand the organizational construction of primary healthcare organizations in urban and rural areas.
Second Introduction of preventive medicine To understand the general situation, nature and status of preventive medicine, and establish the strategy ideology of preventive medicine.
The first stage of health statistics and epidemiology To learn statistical methods and epidemiological research methods to enable students to gradually establish the concept of quality, quantity and population, and the basic ideas and methods based on population research.
Internship To understand the actual work of professional institutions and provide a basis for perceptual knowledge of follow-up professional courses.
Seventh Health chemistry, data statistics and analysis, etc. To continue to strengthen the learning of basic courses in order to provide the linkage between basic courses and professional courses.
Eighth Specialized courses, for example, the second stage of health statistics and epidemiology
Ninth Finished specialized courses
Tenth Finished bachelor thesis in the field To train students to apply the theories, knowledge, and skills they have learned into the field to solve practical problems within a certain range.