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Table 1 Characteristics of included quantitative studies

From: Social determinants of maternal health: a scoping review of factors influencing maternal mortality and maternal health service use in India

Outcome variable of analysis n
 Antenatal care 14
 Institutional delivery 8
 Postnatal care 2
 Antenatal care and institutional delivery 3
 Antenatal care and postnatal care 3
Source of data  
 National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 14
 NFHS Follow-up Survey 2
 District-level Household and Facility Survey 7
 Community-based Cross-sectional Study 4
 Women’s Reproductive History Survey 1
 Cohort Study 1
 Key Informant Surveillance System 1
Level of data for analysis  
 Nationala 16
 Multistateb 3
 Statec 6
 Otherd 5
  1. aIncludes three multi-country, including national data for India; two each for India and state and India-urban and one each for India-urban and state-urban, India-urban-slum, India-urban-adolescent, India-rural, India-rural-adolescent, and India-adolescent
  2. bData analyzed is aggregated for more than one state
  3. cIncludes two for state-rural
  4. dIincludes two each for urban/city-slum and sub-district-rural and one district-rural