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Table 1 Socio-demographic and obstetric characteristics of mothers attending postnatal clinic at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Bahir Dar, northwest Ethiopia, 2015 (N = 410)

From: Knowledge of obstetric danger signs and associated factors among mothers in Bahir Dar district, northwest Ethiopia: an institution-based cross-sectional study

Age (in years)
 18–19 years4410.7
Marital status
Educational status
 No formal education14535.4
 Above secondary7819.0
Occupation of mothers
 Government employee12029.3
Educational status of husband (missing value = 18)
 No formal education10226.0
 Above secondary10827.6
Decision-making power on service utilization
 With husband22053.7
 Another person174.1
Monthly income
 ETB < 120011127.1
 ETB 1201–200011828.8
 ETB 2001–35008821.5
 ETB > 35009322.6
Time to reach to the hospital
< 30 min32479%
 > 30 min8621%
Number of pregnancy
Mode of delivery
 Spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD)28569.5
 Cesarean section(C/S)10224.9
 Instrumental delivery235.6
Fetal outcome
 Live birth34784.6
Gestation at ANC visit started
 < 4 months12630.7
 4–7 months18745.6
> 8 months9723.7
Number of ANC visit (missing value = 40)
Place of birth
 Health institution33882.4
Danger signs information from HEW
  1. ETB Ethiopia birr
  2. $Low birth weight, preterm birth, IUGR, and congenital abnormality