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Table 1 Main search: search terms and databases

From: Utilisation of medical rehabilitation services by persons of working age with a migrant background, in comparison to non-migrants: a scoping review

Databases and grey literature*Search term 1Search term 2Search term 3Search term 4
 AND combinations of search words
Cochrane, PROSPERO, Bielefeld University Library catalogue, Base, Public Health Forum, Psyindex/inforehabilitation   
Conference abstracts of the Rehabilitation Science Colloquium of the German Pension Insurance (DRV)Migra*   
 AND and OR combinations of search words
PubMed((tertiary prevention[MeSH] OR rehabilitation[MeSH Terms]) OR recovery) AND ((human migration[MeSH Terms] OR (immigrants and emigrants) OR non-German OR migration background[Text Word] OR transients and migrants[Mesh] OR foreign[Text Word])) AND Germany[MeSH]
  1. *Google Scholar and manual research has been used with the snowball system to identify publications from abstracts and to identify studies from bibliography in articles