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Table 4 Overview of social accountability interventions in maternal health services and major contextual factors influencing the interventions

From: Improving maternal health services through social accountability interventions in Nepal: an analytical review of existing literature

Community engagement tool Community oversight mechanism Contextual factor influencing social accountability interventions in Nepal
• Social Audit
• Maternal Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response
• Community Score Card/Community Health Score Board (CSC/CHSB)
• Citizen Charter
• Grievance/complain handling tool
• Health Facility Operation and Management Committee (HFOMC)
• Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs)
• Mothers’ Group for Health
• Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)
• Socio-Cultural Context
▪ Gender Norms
▪ Social Structure
▪ Awareness, value, beliefs, and practices
• Political and economic context
• Health System Context
▪ Client-provider relationship
▪ Resource availability
▪ Monitoring and evaluation